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Lost Treasures Hunter
VR Game

Incredible game, which let's you dive into the deep ocean and feel the infinite underwater beauty and freedom. In Vitual Reality. Download the game

Development has started, YAY!

It is so exciting to work on this game. It will bring the underwater experience to many through the virtual reality. It is a relaxing, nonviolent singleplayer game, where you discover the secrets of the ocean in your submarine (Deep Submergence Vehicle – DSV). There are various tasks and missions to discover and complete.

SupportedVR Platforms

We aim the game to be available for leading VR platforms. We will support Oculus VR and Steam VR. The game will be available in their application stores.

Virtual Reality

The game will be available for Oculus VR and Steam VR platforms.

Underwater Experience

Thanks to modern technology, everybody can dive into the deep ocean now.

Single Player

It is easy. Just put VR head set on and you become a real submarine explorer.

Various Missions

There are several quests and task to undertake and complete. Upgrade your submarine to access more.

Mysterious Environment

The deep ocean is so interesting and mysterious for us. But don't worry, it's not scary.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Perceive a relaxing and atmospheric experience in diverse underwater fauna and flora.

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